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Ava Davis Jewell Marceau-On Nana’s Watch


Step-nana Jewell Marceau is the cutest. Not only does she agree to her step-grandson Tony’s request for a chaperone when he goes on a date with his girlfriend Ava Davis, but she also assists the lad nut beforehand to help him maintain his composure and win her over. Jewell teaches Ava a few things about pleasure when they first meet, sucking her youthful pussy with fervor to demonstrate the sensation of an orgasm. Ava, who is now hopelessly in love with Tony and anxious to impart to him what he learnt from Nana, is greatly impacted by Jewell. She and Jewel are more than happy to share Tony’s cock because they both saw that he was packed during the date, so they are more than eager to share his cock and let him fuck them both.