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Foxxxy Darlin-Intrusive Thoughts


It’s Friday night, and Foxxxy Darlin wants to curl up at home with her favorite dildo and a great sexual novel. Foxxxy takes out her enormous sex toy and begins to play with her crotch. Rion bursts in and finds his step-nana frantically masturbating. The youngster has intrusive thoughts the next day, to the point where he is unable to even look into his step-grandma’s eyes. He can’t get his mind off of giving Foxxxy his cock and sucking her in the face. When Nana notices that her step-grandson is horny and preoccupied, she decides it’s time to take matters into her own hands and give Rion a dick sucking session. When her step-grandson is ready to shoot a load on her spectacles, she swallows his cock and gets her pussy hammered.

Actors: Foxxxy Darlin