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Jewell Marceau-Nana’s Tough Love Lesson


Rion’s step-nana, Jewell Marceau, will not put up with any more of his misbehavior despite his mischievous actions. Rion is immediately put to work by Jewell, but as soon as he gives her the finger, she pushes him against the bed and undoes his pants. Then Jewell pulls the unimaginable and shoves Rion’s penis inside her mouth. The most absurd thing of all was how much he was taking pleasure in getting his dick slobbered. Rion is under Jewell’s control; he handles all household chores, dishwashing, and other tasks. Rion gets rewarded by Jewell Marceau, who lets him fuck her pussy. He would soon be dreaming of being inside her, pushing his throbbing cock in and out while banging her pussy raw. Now, that dream was starting to come true. Their relationship is better than ever, and now Rion is always excited to visit his step-nana.