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Sawyer Cassidy Lieutenant Bella Lexi-Nana’s Double Life


Nicky, Lieutenant Bella Lexi’s step-grandson, adores her and frequently stops by to check what she’s up to. However, one day the boy’s visit causes some inconvenience because Nana can’t actually utilize her new sex gadget when he’s present. Bella tries to hide the toy from Nicky when he interrupts her, but Nicky finds the control remote and plays with it, accidentally caressing his step-nana’s pussy since he thinks it’s the AC controller.

The lustful step-granny indulges in one of her hidden joys, traveling to random clubs and hooking up with younger girls, as her appetite for sex is at an all-time high. With her game on point, Nana woos Sawyer Cassidy, a youthful, spunky girl who leans toward older ladies. Once Bella brings Sawyer home, she initiates a passionate kissing session with her. Nicky is surprised to learn of his step-nana’s extramarital affairs, but he accepts the invitation and moves on. Now is the time for two kids to eat and fuck Bella’s pussy!